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Erudio Indonesia 2019

High School Program

Art & Science 

The three years high school program aims to equip students with all necessary skills they need in the future.

Students will learn in an ecosystem that connects them with real-life industries and solve problems through their own self-initiated projects. Instead of "one size fits all" approach, each students will get a learning plan based on their interests, learning style, and preferences. Teaching staff act as a facilitator to guide each students on their individualized journey, everything is designed to meet each students strengths, skills, and interests.

Why Art & Science?

Since the beginning of human civilisation, art and science have equal contributions to the understanding of how the universe works and to the betterment of humanity as a whole.

Moreover, in a rapid-changing world like today, the distinction between art and science are even more blurry, and to be able to create something or to solve certain problems, a lot of times, requires both art and science to work together in unison.

Erudio Indonesia, through medium of art and science, are creating a learning environment that allows students to explore their unique strengths and potentials, prepare them for their future, learn about things that matters, dig into the most challenging issues, and tackle even the most challenging problems in the world.

Duration: 3 years

Every students is unique. Each of them have their own interest and way of learning. Rather than telling them what

they need to know, we encourage students to explore the

materials, ask questions, and share ideas. Instead of 

merely memorising facts and materials, students here learn by doing. This learning style will allows students to build knowledge through exploration, experience, and discussion.

Inquiry Based Learning

Personal Project

At Erudio, students can start their own projects, choose their own timeline and set their evaluation metrics. Student will be assessed based on their progress.

Jaudan is interested in computer science and also a gamer. He spent most of his time exploring different aspects of programming and building things by himself. He wants to built a platform when people can interact while playing a board game. He built the platform from scratch and learn necessary programming languages along the way.

Flo has always been interested to things related to psychology. At first, she told us that she wants to learn neuroscience. But, as time goes by, her projects evolve into exploring issues around mental health and disorders. She wants to raise awareness so that people will be more considerate when communicating to people with mental issues.

Kama is a keen student wanting to build his business on property. He aspires to build his pathway by becoming an architect. His project is also evolving from a big-scale urban planning project to a localised building design. He learns a lot of aspects of being an architect along the way: from engineering drawing, to concept of universal design.

How the learning process

take place?


At Erudio, students will be put to be either part of the art school or the science school. This is done so that students can learn enough depth related to medium in art or science. However, it is absolutely possible and encouraged for students to take subjects across schools. In general, learning process is centred on projects. Students can start their own projects on topics they are interested in. Every subjects will be delivered in ways that can support these projects. Some of the classes will be discussion classes, others might be a critic groups. Projects are the way students can explore possibilities of pathways they can take after high school. It can also be a medium for students to learn how to work in a real-world setting where they need to set their own goal, timeline, and financial budgeting (if needed), do research, talk to experts, and eventually present their results. Projects are the centre of learning process in Erudio Indonesia.


What subjects do I study

at Erudio?

At Erudio, subjects are divided into three categories: foundation, optional, and proposal. Foundation subjects are the subjects that are seen to be essential for the students to learn well in Erudio, ranging from: Project Development, Research Design, Basic Mathematics, Conceptual Thinking, Well-being, Literature Fundamental of Art, History of Art, and several other subjects. Optional subjects are subjects that are seen to be useful for the students to work on their projects and also to prepare them for their future, such as: Medium Experimentation, Web Development, Progression, Statistics, Modern Physics, and many other subjects. Finally, proposal subjects are subjects that may not be offered by the school but seen to be important by the students. Students can propose to open class on subjects of their interests. The proposal class may be facilitated by the students themselves, by the proposed teachers, or if no one from inside Erudio can facilitate the class it is possible to ask external expert to lead the class.

Do Erudio prepare me for National Examinations / University Entrance Examinations?


At Erudio, we provide National Examinations, BTEC Foundation Diploma, and A-Level (on progress) for students who may need it. In order to prepare students to take these exams we provide exam preparation classes. Also, in case of BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, there will be several compulsory classes that students need to take. However, as you may have already noticed, Erudio focuses more into exploration and self-discovery process, that is to help students finding their role in the society, identify issues, and learn range of medium that they can use to tackle those issues. Hence, these exam and certificate classes, as mentioned, are optional. Thus, it is not compulsory for all students. It is only designed for students who may need it, since more universities are becoming more open to admit students using just portfolio. For those students who may need certificates to be admitted to university, we have full support to get you in to your dream universities. 


Where do students go to after their education in Erudio?

In the past couple of years, Erudio alumni went to varieties of pathways. We have alumni who go to public universities like ITB, UI, UGM, ISI, and UNS, as well as private universities like UPH, UNTAR, BINUS, and ESMOD. Field of studies are also varied from pure art, applied art, design, psychology, philosophy, and many others. However, there is increasing trend that more Erudio students are taking gap year. Some of our students that are taking gap year go to take internships in various institutions and organisations, such as: Museum Macan, Suar Art Space, and many others.

In the case of our School of Science, we have just started the school last year. So we still do not have alumni from this school. However, as an illustration, several projects that are currently on going in the School of Science are about: Psychology and Mental Disorder, Criminology and Criminal Stories, Web Development, Game Development, and Architectural Design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Admission for 2019/2020 academic year is currently open! There will be project assessment and interview for those of you applying for the program. For more information you can access the page: How to apply or contact us through email: info@erudioindonesia.sch.id. You can also contact us through phone: (021) 758 187 03/ 0817 7080 4090 (Ms Ines). Let me know if you want to visit our school, we will be very happy to welcome you!

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