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Erudio Indonesia 2019


A Community of Passionate

& Inspired Learners

Founded in 2013, Erudio Indonesia is a progressive education ecosystem that

connects students with their respective industry, where they can be themselves,

and produce a real, relevant works that contribute to solve real-life problem.

Previously known as Erudio School of Art and Erudio School of Science, Erudio

has succesfully produced a graduate of life-long learners that each contribute

to their own respective field they choose alongway their year at Erudio.

Both The School of Art and The School of Science supported by a group of committed life-long learner that passionate about creating  a sustainable

learning environment for the students and also for everyone in the school.

Typical School Day at Erudio

The School


A Learning Ecosystem For All

In July 2019, we are going to have a new campus in new location.

More than just a school, we aim to create a sustainable learning environment. The school campus provides a friendly environment, creating close-knit community, to know each other well and so that everyone is not feeling isolated or overlooked.

The place is designed for the students and staffs to embrace personal space and encourage collaboration. 

Imron Zuhri

30 years of experience with big corporations including government owned companies and founded several technology companies.

He tries to solve technology industry needs of quality talents that can work in agile organisations and have the ability to think creatively and recklessly, as well as having the guts to innovate.

The Founders

Monika Irayati

15 years of multi-national corporate experience in area of corporate communications. International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy (Early Childhood), Montessori Centre International, London.

She could not find suitable school for her son and quite upset when she found out Singapore government builds a 5000 sqm art school starting from junior high level with the promise that art is required as the core skill for future Singaporean workers. 

Lisa Irawati

25 years of experiences in multinational companies in area of market research and marketing.

She identifies the painful struggle of big corporations to adapt and transform organisation to embrace the new era of digital economy while at the same time having difficulties in finding young talents who can self learn and have the empathy to understand consumer point of views.

Barry Mikhael Cavin

M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics,
Imperial College London, UK.

He loves to explore things related to mathematics, modern physics, philosophy, sociology, data science, artificial intelligence, and economy.

The Principal

Marda Yuantika H.

M.A. in Cultural Studies, Universitas Indonesia.

She loves to observe people's life and behaviour and learn a lot from different stories of them.

Diajeng Indah Angelia B.

M.A. in English Applied Linguistic, University of Atma Jaya.

She used to focus on what she wish to implant to the learners, but now personally believe that needs analysis should be the core attention of all educators.

Priyono A. Sutrasno

B.A. in Industrial Design, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia.

He believes the power of creativity should not be limited to any sets of pre-conditioned rules but rather be seen from the perspective of users. His dream is to live to see the integration of design in everyday’s lives.

Teaching Staff

Vivi Fitriyanti

M.Res. in Green Chemistry, Imperial College London, UK.

She is a learner who likes to contemplate and would love to serve people. She values harmony, an old soul and loves to create web-like mass of information according to her experience. 

Mira Balya Amriasih

B.A. in Visual Arts, Telkom Creative Industries School.

She is a crafter lover who likes to take care of children and enjoy learning with her students.

Angga Cipta

B.A. in Fine Art Education, Universitas Negeri Jakarta.

He actively exhibits his work in Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Srilanka, Swedia, and The Netherlands. In addition, He conducts research and be involved in collective research projects with Cut and Rescue. He is also one of the founder of Grafis Huru Hara, printmaking collective based in Jakarta. His hobbies are observing Jakarta’s daily happenings and watching old Indonesian movies.

Alexandra Karyn

B.A. (Hons) in Fine Art, Northumbria University, UK.

She is an artist and writer, eager to share her knowledge, passion, and experience in art; within a creative environment that encourages the growth of a contemporary culture. Her dream is to democratise conceptual thinking and make art comprehension more accessible to a larger layer of the population.

Angga Wijaya

B.A. in Visual Art Education, Universitas Negeri Jakarta

He is all about process. He learn from anyone and anywhere. Even in the classroom, He believes that he can also learn from children. He shares knowledge, point of view, and respect diversity. He trusts collectivity to offer equality of production and distribution of knowledge.

Network of Experts

Erudio Indonesia student will also get a chance to interact with real-world industries through our Network of Experts. They are professionals that works for International Organization, Startups, and Higher Education Institution each contributing with their own respective field of expertise. 

Yuza Mulia

Growth Lead


Marsya Sibarani

Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife Conservation Society

Afif Akbar Iskandar

Artificial Intelligence Scientist


Hamidah Alatas

Jefri Gan

Growth Analyst


Senior Scientist

Dexa Medica