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Borderless World and How to Explore It

Written by Marsha Ayu, Erudio Indonesia's Student

During this pandemic, students' daily lives cannot be separated from the use of the internet and digital tools as a place to study. Digital tools along with the internet have become pertinent in various aspects, for example the world of education. There are also many functions that can be obtained from using the internet, such as easy access, and also abundant data sources which of course can be useful in conducting research or just for the sake of entertainment. These sources aren’t limited because we have what’s called 'borderless world' the term that exists because of globalization. Briefly, 'borderless world' means that it is easier for each individual to access information, resources, and opportunities. Because of that, we can get to know the outside world, new cultures, and other things that are unlimited in reach. Then, what are the benefits that we can take as a young generation after getting to know the term 'borderless world' as a means of education?

In this digital age, we are very familiar with the various uses of the internet, it also has been adjusted to the preferences of each individual. We as consumers can choose what content we want to consume. To take advantage of this 'borderless world', we can also enjoy works from abroad, besides being entertaining, it can also be very educational. For example, in language, I acknowledge the important role of English or any other foreign language for the future of the younger generation. Regardless of the pathway of each individual, the ability to speak English is able to open up new opportunities. As if listed in a CV, it can be an additional point, other than that, there are many jobs or positions that require us to be able to speak decent English, because basically English is an international language that is often used in every country as a foreign language that must be learned to be able to communicate, and so that we as individuals can compete. There are many exciting ways to learn English; watching series or movies, reading books, watching video essays via YouTube, and so on. After knowing the important role of speaking English and how to learn it with fun, then how do we practice it everyday? What influence does it have on our daily lives?

Personally, I use it in social media quite often, considering that all offline activities are currently very minimal, but from this phenomenon many lessons can be learned, such as getting to know new friends from all over the country through the internet. After having sufficient English skills, it's now easy to communicate with other people without a language barrier. Don't underestimate it, social media is not just about making friends or merely flexing, but there we can find new relationships that can open up many opportunities regarding collaboration or fulfilling other needs that we have (i.e. school, work). English does have a big impact on networking, it can expand your circle, and introduce you to new things you can work on, on the other hand—get used to it! so that your English language skills will gradually increase every day. In addition to influencing my social life, English also plays an important role for freelancers who want to promote their services. I'm using my friend as an example and the results they have are great; they cover a bigger target audience, and also attract the attention of many people. That leads to new mutuals, and having a great engagement or even pleasing the algorithm. You know how big the internet is, it’s basically infinite, they have diverse people from various parts of the world, with this it can be used to find clients from abroad, with the same objectives—a wider network.

Apart from the benefits of using English in social media, having the ability to speak English can also open our eyes to new information that is happening around the world. For example, following news accounts or reading brief issues about problems in the world via Carrd ( Reading the information we already have on the internet through trusted sources can keep us up to date, it can also make us aware and alert to do something. There are times when we have to look for information independently, we have to make the best use of our English language skills for educational things too, in this case, gathering new information and proceeding with it.

As an art student, I'm aware of the influence English has in my creativity process, or expression in art. Expressing oneself is very important to me, it is basically a reflection of how you articulate yourself, and a freedom you choose to give to yourself as a place to grow, both as a person and to the artwork you're doing at the time. At first I was very vocal in writing poetry but in Indonesian, I felt very comfortable with what I wrote in a language that I was good at, but after trying to write in English I realized that there is indeed a different attitude/emotion/feeling with each language you're using. Different language, also different material that I want to convey. There are certain moments when I feel that what I write in English cannot be translated into my native language. I mean, we all grow a different relationship to both our native language and English, and as long as you’re comfortable and using it at the correct time, you're good to go. The freedom in choosing language that I want to use in my work is what makes me more enthusiastic to continue learning so that later there will be more space for me to explore, in terms of creativity in writing. Language itself is a vital aspect for me, apart from just communicating, it is also a place where I can express my works. Being an artist means that I have to be smart in making my work as comprehensive as possible, so that the impact is also broad.

After knowing the influences that I get from using English in my daily life, it is clear that the use of it varies from daily-use to professional, from its influence for me as a student to an artist, and of course, the effect will be much more if English is used for other aspects. In conclusion, the ability to speak English is very useful and skill-honing—either for academic purposes, or personal one. Based on my experience about the impact of the language English has on me, it's a must have ability for each person to compete in this progressive world. Borderless world at the tip of our finger, are you ready to explore it?

Saya generasi muda yang peduli literasi! Artikel ini ditulis sebagai bentuk serta EF Literacy Day Competition 2021:

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