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Chaya Dharma, born on 7th May 2003, is an aspiring young artist who is currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia. They developed a love for drawing at a very young age. They were heavily influenced by their father who taught them how to draw and popular films from Pixar Animation Studio and Studio Ghibli. That lead to a strong interest in story telling, therefore many of their works are in a form of illustrations.


In their artworks, the mediums they used aren’t an issue. They take every chance to explore new mediums and challenge themself with problem solving. These new experiences are what drove them to make their artwork.

varra profile.png

Athira mainly works with Digital Art but also has a huge interest in other variety of medium such as sculpting, printmaking, and many more. She uses her artwork as a way to put in her thoughts that keep spiraling in her head and the feelings that she finds hard to express. 


Varra has always been curious of many, many things. She isn’t afraid of exploration be it from the aspect of concepts nor medium!



The conceptual nature of her more recent works is a challenge for the audience to experiment with how they view the world. It’s always more interesting to see things differently, no? This way of thinking is a fundamental part of her creative process. The cycle of observing, appreciating, and preserving.

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