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Photography and Coding Competition

The world is turning into a more visual and digital language. Instagram and Youtube may be the main driving force on this. Big stream of information are bombarding us everyday. This brings urgency for youth to learn how to solve problems; to create, innovate, and deliver positive messages using these visual and digital languages, to which their peers can relate more. Hence, the photography and programming competitions are made to facilitate these needs.


Erudio Indonesia

Jalan Lebak Bulus 1 No.55

Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan


March 23 2019


10.00 - 15.00 WIB

Place and Date


1st Winner:

IDR 1.000.000 + Certificate + Trophy

2nd Winner:

IDR 750.000 + Certificate + Trophy

3rd Winner:

IDR 500.000 + Certificate + Trophy


Competition Details


Check Terms and Conditions


(Submit photograph for click competition)
Come to the Exhibition/Competition and win the prize!



Photography Competition

Theme: "Imagine The World in The Future"
Submission Deadline: 21 March 2019

All submitted photographs will be exhibited at Erudio School of Art. The photographs will be judged by Panji Purnama Putra (@jinpanji)


  • Participants must be between 12 to 16 years old on exhibition date.

  • The photographs must be an original work shown by a signed statement of originality or watermark.

  • The photographs need to be accompanied by captions describing the photographs.

  • The photographs will be assessed according to these criteria:

    • Suitability with the theme​

    • Attractiveness

    • Composition

  • The photographs need to be submitted in printed form to Erudio School of Art no later than
    March 21th 2019.​

  • All submitted photographs will be exhibited at Erudio School of Art, that will be judged by Panji Purnama Putra (@jinpanji).


Coding Competition

The competition will be held at Erudio School of Science
Competition day: 23 March 2019


  • Participants must be between 12 to 16 years old on competition date.

  • Following procedures:

    • Registration​

    • Come to the venue

    • Bring your own laptop

There will be internet connection provided by organiser, however it is recommended for participants to bring your own internet connector.

Problem sets will consist of 10 problems, you are only required to solve at least 5 problems. You will be asked to pick one problem you solve and explain your solution to the judges.


  • Number of problems solved

  • Accuracy of the solution

  • Accuracy of the explanation

Registration Form

Download Registration Form Below

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